The Mine Museum presents the fascinating history of the Old Mine. The educational museum environment is an exciting experience for visitors of all ages, who can enjoy a wide range of fascinating exhibitions.

The main attractions at the museum are the museum tunnels, the “Treasures of the Earth” rock exhibition and the “End Products” exhibition, which presents how the mine’s minerals are used in everyday objects. Historical mining vehicles are also on display, including the original fire truck, an explosion vehicle and an off-road vehicle that was used for finding ore deposits.

The Mine Museum opened in 1982 in the former washing facilities and changing rooms once used by the miners.

The museum tunnels were opened to the public in 1985 to present mining work as authentically as possible. The family tourism attraction Vuorenpeikonmaa opened in the same year but closed in the early 1990s. In 2009 the museum tunnels were repaired and work began on a comprehensive renovation of the Mine Museum. The modernised museum and exhibitions reopened in July 2011.