Outokumpu Wilderness and Nature Centre

The Outokumpu Wilderness and Nature Centre is a family attraction just 5 kilometres from the centre of Outokumpu. The area includes a camping centre, a campsite, a 12-lake paddling route, nature trails, a recreational fishing area, and a special fishing area for kids.

There are three marked nature trails (3, 4 and 7 kilometres) along the ridges and around the lakes. Services include a cooking shelter, compost toilets, lean-tos and a kota tepee. The fishing pier and cooking shelter are also accessible for wheelchairs users.


Kids’ fishing attraction

The special fishing area for kids as an easily accessible and fun attraction for young people. The 1.8-metre-wide paths are fitted with railings, and the fishing piers are safe. The kids’ fishing area is 300 metres long, and there are also play areas, a lean-to, five fishing piers, a kota tepee and the Karhunpesä pavilion.

Group bookings for the Karhunpesä pavilion can be made by calling Matkakumpu Oy (Mon-Fri, 9-15, tel. +358 44 7559 223).

The fish that can be caught include roach, pike, perch, bream, small salmon and ide. The fishing area and Karhunpesä pavilion are free of charge for children under the age of 12 and wheelchair users.


Nature tours

Nature tours are offered all year round for adults, children and special groups. The activities can include fishing, hiking, wilderness cooking, paddling and snowshoe hiking. For further information about fishing permits and the Musta-Valkeinen fishing area, see: www.mustavalkeinen.fi


Group enquiries:

Matkakumpu Oy – Sales

Tel. +358 44 7559 223 (Mon-Fri, 9-15)

E-mail: matkailu@outokummunkaupunki.fi


Keretti Golf


The Outokumpu Golf Club was founded in 1990 and maintains a 9-hole golf course in Keretti, approximately two kilometres from the centre of town. In Outokumpu you can even golf all year round, as there is a proper 9-hole winter course that opens as soon as the summer course closes. Keretti Golf is situated by the historical mine, whose 96-metre-tall mine tower (the tallest in Europe) commands the scenery. The tower has recently been given the status of a protected building, ensuring that golfers will be able to enjoy the impressive landmark for years to come.


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The Sysmäjärvi lake is popular among birdwatchers. There are two birdwatching towers on the shores of the lake that are used actively.


The fields around Alavi and Sätös are great places to see all kinds of birdlife, as are the banks of the Vuonosjoki river.


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Hunting and fishing


There are great fishing opportunities in and around Outokumpu, including the lakes Juojärvi and Viinijärvi.


Hunting clubs





Chairman: Tuomo Huttunen, Louhelankatu 7, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 500 552274



Chairman: Seppo Pietarinen, Laikanlahdentie 65, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 50 3380 434

Secretary: Tapani Naumanen, Kupariperä 10, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 50 555 0235



Markku Pisto, Vaiviontie 12 B, 83460 Harinjärvi, tel. +358 13 852 007



Martti Aimasmäki, Nuottilammentie 1 A 1, 80400 Ylämylly, tel. +358 40 557 6174





Antero Oinonen, Jokipellonkatu 5, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 13 564 785



Contact person: Marko Holopainen, Kuusjärventie 34, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 400 196 717



Esa Koistinen, Rikkarannantie 100, 83660 Varislahti, tel. +358 13 553 111



Chairman: Eero Keronen, Joutenlammentie 14, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 13 561 135, +358 500 876 716



Chairman: Raimo Tirkkonen, tel. +358 50 490 7422

Secretary: Vesa Kostamo tel. +358 40 540 6874



Matti Räsänen, Viuruntie 5 B, 83500 Outokumpu, tel. +358 13 553 538


Multipurpose hall

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Otto Trüstedt Memorial


The roots of the Outokumpu Mine go back to the community of Rääkkylä in 1908, when the Kivisalmi shipping lane was dredged and a large yellow rock was discovered.


A sample was sent to the Geological Office in Helsinki, which found significant quantities of copper. At first the copper ore deposit was sought in Rääkkylä, but further studies led to Outokumpu.


The research work was headed by mining engineer Otto Trüstedt, who came to the conclusion that the rock was displaced from a larger ore deposit during the Ice Age. His research focused on the contents of the original yellow rock and other types of rocks found in the vicinity. These clues led Trüstedt to Outokumpu.


Since the ore was hidden beneath mud, peat and sand, text excavations and drillings had to be made to find the copper. After almost two years of searching, the diamond-headed drill finally hit the vein of copper ore on 17 March 1910. The treasure of Outokumpu had been discovered.


You can find the Otto Trüstedt Memorial at the address Kaivoskatu 1.



Työstä Paluu – Return from Work Memorial


The Vuonos and Keretti mines at Outokumpu were closed in the 1980s, and the original mining community ceased to exist.


Three years before the mines were closed, a memorial was unveiled to honour the miners. The Return from Work (Työstä Paluu) Memorial was designed by Erkki Kannosto and continues to divide opinions among locals to this day.


The memorial can be found next to the market square.


Sports hall and swimming hall


The local sports hall and swimming hall houses sports facilities, a gym and a swimming hall where you can enjoy a steam sauna and cool off in a cold pool. There is also a 38-metre water slide in the main pool and a kids’ pool.


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