When the Keretti Mine opened in 1954, it boasted the tallest mine tower in Europe. In fact, the Keretti tower is still one of the tallest mine towers in Europe to this day, as well as the tallest structure in North Karelia. Today the 96-metre tower serves as a monument to the mining operations at Outokumpu.


In addition to admiring the tower from the outside, you can also gain a true appreciation of its size by climbing the 338 steps to the top! Doing so demands a lot of determination and physical effort, but it’s worth it for the breathtaking views that await you!


Climbing the tower is possible if there is no snow and only with a guide for safety reasons. The climb all the way to the top is best experienced together in a group, and the physical exertion it involves makes it an ideal activity for workplace health promotion days. The tower is situated approximately two kilometres from the main mining area.


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